The Unique Ten Step Guide to Successful Power of Attorney and Estate Record Keeping


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About the Book


The purpose of Let the Records Show is twofold. First, it offers the non-accountant a Ten Step Guide providing the tools necessary to efficiently and confidently perform the financial record-keeping duties of either

  • an attorney acting under a continuing power of attorney for property (or similar document), or
  • an estate trustee (executor) acting under a will (or an estate administrator acting in the absence of a will).

Second, it provides brief and practical explanations of many of the legal aspects related to the accounting duties of an attorney/estate trustee, without the legal terminology that can often lead to exasperation and unnecessary worry.

Ultimately, it is hoped that anyone reading this book will find the necessary instructions and encouragement to perform financial record-keeping duties in such a way that the costly and stressful event of estate litigation never occurs.

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