The Unique Ten Step Guide to Successful Power of Attorney and Estate Record Keeping


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“From Here to Eternity?” Power of Attorney and Record Keeping video presentation now available

The best way to guard against elder abuse is take steps to ensure that it never happens in the first place.  As such, proper record-keeping is an indispensable part of any Elder Abuse Prevention plan no matter what size estate you have or are looking after.

Co-author of Let The Records Show, Linda Alderson, gave an informative presentation to the Caregiving Matter's Elder Abuse Awareness Project at the 2013 50+ Festival entitled: Stop the Abuse Before it Happens: Tips and Strategies for Safeguarding Your Money and Assets. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and watch the presentation, you’ll be glad you did!



From Here to Eternity?  The before, during and after basics of Estate Record Keeping

Once again, co-author of Let The Records Show, Linda Alderson, gives an informative presentation to the Caregiving Matters’ Power of Attorney Project.


Record Keeping and Elder Abuse Prevention

As part of Caregiving Matters’ Power of Attorney Project, join Linda Alderson for an interesting and informative podcast, “What lawyers don't tell you. The realities of record keeping” available at:



Record Keeping and Estate Planning

Estate planning can be an important tool in helping to prevent elder abuse.  For those who are younger, estate planning offers a means to structure and safe guard , financial well being with an eye on the future.  In either case, record keeping plays a key role in any successful estate plan. Join Let the Records Show co-author , Linda Alderson, for a thoughtful and stimulating podcast, “Take the uncertainty out of estate planning with good record keeping”- part of Caregiving Matters’ Estate Planning Project:



Estate Planning 101: Meeting with your lawyer

Protecting yourself with an Estate Plan is greatly facilitated when you understand what to expect when meeting with your lawyer to draft your Will and Powers of Attorney.  Join Let the Records Show co-author, Douglas Alderson, for an informative video presentation to discuss expectations surrounding meeting with the lawyer.  In addition, an overview of the new Estate Tax Audit regime is presented, providing proof once again that a well documented and recorded estate narrative will ensure easier navigation of estate matters no matter what level of government you’re dealing with. “Meeting with a lawyer and dealing with an estate audit”- is part of Caregiving Matters’ The Estate Planning Project:



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