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Legal Notices

A Note about Jurisdiction

Canada is a country that, in addition to its national government, has as many legislatures as it has provinces and territories, all passing laws that regulate powers of attorney and estate matters. In addition, there are two legal systems responsible for the regulation of these matters, the Common Law and, in Quebec, the Civil Law. Thus, while this website and our book is written primarily from the Common Law tradition and with the details of Ontario law in mind, the accounting principles and methods are universal and applicable across Canada regardless of the legal peculiarities of provincial and territorial legislation. Readers must seek out appropriate legal and/or accounting advice given their province/territory of residence and the particular circumstances in which they find themselves.

Disclaimer regarding Legal Advice

Not only does the existence of multiple legal jurisdictions require seeking appropriate legal advice, for that legal advice to be appropriate, it must be focused on the particular factual circumstances in which readers will find themselves. This means that this website should not be used as an alternative to proper advice. Although this website contains information about the law in general terms, it is not a substitute for, and should not be used as an alternative to, proper legal advice which is the application of the appropriate law to the reader’s specific circumstances. Accordingly, the authors make no representations or warranties about the outcomes resulting from following the suggestions made in this volume, or the use to which the information contained in this website is put, and they are not assuming any liability for any claims, losses or damages arising out of the use of this website.  Readers should seek appropriate legal advice to address their own specific circumstance.

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