The Unique Ten Step Guide to Successful Power of Attorney and Estate Record Keeping


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The Ten Steps

Let the Records Show centres on ten basics steps relevant to financial record keeping requirements.  Designed in a logical and progressive order, the Ten Steps will enable the attorney or estate trustee to approach the tasks associated with financial record keeping with efficiency and a minimum of stress

Steps 1 through 5 are administrative in nature, concerned with the need to gather information and inform various third parties.

Steps 6 through 9 identify actions required with respect to financial decisions and the required documentation of financial activities undertaken.

Step 10 concludes with the final administrative task of communicating with the grantor and/or their attorney for personal care, substitute decision maker, supportive family members or friends on a regular basis.

By following these steps, you will be on your way to effectively and efficiently fulfilling your role as attorney with minimal stress!

Ten Steps to Carefree Record Keeping

Step 1—Obtaining the Power of Attorney Document and Will

Step 2—Making an Inventory and Gathering the Information

Step 3—Safety Deposit Box(es)

Step 4—Past Tax Returns

Step 5—Informing the Businesses

Step 6—Bank Account Amalgamations

Step 7—Arrangements Outside the Activity of the Bank Statements

Step 8—Cash Management Decisions

Step 9—Keeping Track of Cash In/Cash Out

Step 10—Review of Activity with the Grantor and/or Grantor’s Representative


Click here to see the Ten Steps Flow Chart

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